the challenge season.30 bloodlines 2


Jill nichols and zach nichols(brother and sister)

Tonia campono and jenna campono(sisters)

Anna stack and katrina stack(sisters)

Kassius bass and theo bradley(cousins)

Asaf goren and omer goren(brother and sister)

Cannor malaty and ryan malaty(brothers)

Cory wharton ashud wharton(brothers)

Brian williams and jenny delich(married)

Bruno bettancourt and brian bettancourt(brothers)--Chriisbebo (talk) 04:24, November 9, 2016 (UTC)

Ethan diamond and amber lee(married)

Kristen ortiz and alyssa ortiz(sisters)

Nicole zanatta and samantha zanatta(sisters

Zak longo and alex longo(brother and sister)

Jason hill and jarod tillman(cousins)

Winners of the episode and elimination match

Episode 1 winners:cory and ashud.jungle pit:kristen and alyssa vs anna and katrina eliminated kristen and alyssa

Episode 2 winners zach and jill.jungle pit:asaf and omer vs ethan and amber eliminated ethan and amber

Episoden 3 winners zach and jill.jungle pit:tonia and jenna vs zak and alex eliminated zak and alex

Episode 4 winners jason and jarod.jungle pit:bruno and brian vs kassius and theo elikinated bruno and brian

Episode 5 winners brian and jenny.jungle pit:asaf and omer vs zach and jill eliminsted asaf and omer

Episode 6 winners:tonia and jenna.jungle pit:kassius and theo vs brian and jenny eliminated brian and jenny

Episode 7 winners kassius and theo.jungle pit:anna and katrina vs nicole and samantha eliminated anna and katrina

Episode 8 winners:cory and ashud.jungle pit:cannor and ryan vs jason and jarod eliminsted cannor and ryan

Episode 9 winners cory and ashud.jungle pit: tonia and jenna vs zach and jill eliminated tonia and jenna

Episode 10 winners zach and jill.jungle pit kassius and theo vs cory and ashud eliminated kassius and theo

Episdoe 11 winners jason and jarod.jungle pit nicole and samantha vs zach and jill eliminated nicole and samantha

Episode 12 champions:cory wharton snd ashud wharton,2nd plsce jason hill and jarod tillman and 3rd place zach nichols and jill nichols

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