• FreeFalling

    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

    The premise of this game is simple: Twelve male-female pairs that have previously competed together, but fell short of winning, will have the chance to redeem themselves this season. Each daily mission, there will be a winner. The winning team is not only safe from elimination. They will select one team to go straight to the Dungeon. The team that goes straight to the dungeon gets to nominate a team to the Dungeon, while the rest of the house will vote on a team to nominate to the Dungeon. The two teams nominated will draw marbles out of a bag. If a green marble is drawn, they're safe. However, if a red marble is drawn, they will compete against the winning team's selection. Winning team stays, losing team …

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  • FreeFalling

    The contestants are under the impression that this season will be an individual competition (a la The Duel or Free Agents). The first challenge will indeed be an individual competition. The losing male and female will be sent immediately into the Temple. The winning male and female will not only be safe from elimination, but will nominate two competitors to face off against the losers. The winners stay, losers go home. However, after the first elimination, TJ will introduce a twist: Teams. The male challenge winner, and male Temple winner will take turns drafting the remaining guys. Same goes with the females. The male challenge winner's team will be paired with the female Temple winner's team, and vice versa.

    From there on out, it will be …

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  • FreeFalling

    Male Contestants

    Player Original Season
    Wes Bergmann RW: Austin
    Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio RW: Key West
    Tyler Florio Fresh Meat III
    Vince Gliatta Battle of the Bloodlines
    Cohutta Grindstaff RW: Sydney
    Shane Landrum RR: Campus Crawl
    Dario Medrano AYTO? S2
    Tony Raines RW: Skeletons
    Peter Romeo RW: Seattle (Bad Blood)
    Chris "CT" Tamburello RW: Paris
    Nelson Thomas AYTO? S3
    Devin Walker-Molaghan AYTO? S3
    Cory Wharton RW: Ex-Plosion

    Female Contestants

    Player Original Season
    Jemmye Carroll RW: New Orleans
    Kailah Casillas RW: Go Big or Go Home
    Jenna Compono RW: Ex-Plosion
    Tori Deal AYTO? S4
    Alexis Eddy AYTO? S5
    Aneesa Ferreira RW: Chicago
    Cheyenne Floyd AYTO? S3
    Amanda Garcia AYTO? S3
    Nany Gonzalez RW: Las Vegas
    Layla Jordan Fresh Meat III
    Briana LaCuesta AYTO? S2
    Kira McFadd…

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  • FreeFalling

    Draft Order Alumni Original Season Fresh Meat
    1 Johnny "Bananas" Devananzio RW: Key West Kira McFadden
    2 Ashley Mitchell RW: Ex-Plosion Tyler Florio
    3 Jordan Wiesley RW: Portland Leah Davis
    4 Cory Wharton RW: Ex-Plosion Genesis Rollins
    5 Kailah Casillas RW: Go Big or Go Home Nick Stoll
    6 Wes Bergmann RW: Austin Layla Jordan
    7 Cara Maria Sorbello Fresh Meat II Trent Soraghan
    8 Nelson Thomas AYTO S3 Josephine "Jo" McKenna
    9 Cheyenne Floyd AYTO S3 Dave Wetzer
    10 Kari Kowalski AYTO S4 Ryan Perry
    11 Hunter Barfield AYTO S3 Rebecca Bradley
    12 Camilla Nakagawa Spring Break Challenge Josh Roberts
    13 LeRoy Garrett RW: Las Vegas (2011) Megan Coursey

    Episode Challenge winners Exile teams Exile game Exile outcome
    # Challenge Winner's selection Voted Into Exile …

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  • FreeFalling

    There are four teams: Real World, Road Rules, AYTO, and Fresh Meat. Every challenge, one team will win. The winning team will be safe from elimination. They will also deliberate, and vote on another team to save from elimination. The remaining two teams will vote to send one guy and one girl into the elimination. The winning guy/girl stays. The loser goes home

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