• FreeFalling

    Male Contestants

    Female Contestants


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  • FreeFalling

    Draft Order Alumni Original Season Fresh Meat
    1 Johnny "Bananas" Devananzio RW: Key West Kira McFadden
    2 Ashley Mitchell RW: Ex-Plosion Tyler Florio
    3 Jordan Wiesley RW: Portland Leah Davis
    4 Cory Wharton RW: Ex-Plosion Genesis Rollins
    5 Kailah Casillas RW: Go Big or Go Home Nick Stoll
    6 Wes Bergmann RW: Austin Layla Jordan
    7 Cara Maria Sorbello Fresh Meat II Trent Soraghan
    8 Nelson Thomas AYTO S3 Josephine "Jo" McKenna
    9 Cheyenne Floyd AYTO S3 Dave Wetzer
    10 Kari Kowalski AYTO S4 Ryan Perry
    11 Hunter Barfield AYTO S3 Rebecca Bradley
    12 Camilla Nakagawa Spring Break Challenge Josh Roberts
    13 LeRoy Garrett RW: Las Vegas (2011) Megan Coursey

    Episode Challenge winners Exile teams Exile game Exile outcome
    # Challenge Winner's selection Voted Into Exile …

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  • FreeFalling

    There are four teams: Real World, Road Rules, AYTO, and Fresh Meat. Every challenge, one team will win. The winning team will be safe from elimination. They will also deliberate, and vote on another team to save from elimination. The remaining two teams will vote to send one guy and one girl into the elimination. The winning guy/girl stays. The loser goes home

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