Filming took place from November 21 to December 13.

Teams were

  • Adam Kuhn amd Shanley McInted from Season 1
  • Nate Siebenmark and Ellie Puckett from Season 2
  • Devin Walker and Rashida Zakiya from Season 3
  • Asaf Goren and Kaylen Zahara from Season 4
  • Cameron Kolbo and Mikala Thomas from Season 4
  • Giovanni Rivera and Francesca from Season 4
  • Morgan St. Pierre and Tori Deal from Season 4
  • Derrick Henry and Casandra Martinez from Season 5
  • Hayden Weaver and Carolina Duarte from Season 5
  • Mike Cerasani and Alicia Wright from Season 5

Eliminations were

  1. Devin and Rashida = Winners
  2. Adam and Shanley = Runner-Ups
  3. Morgan and Tori = 2nd Runner-Ups
  4. Cameron and Mikala = 4th Place
  5. Mike and Alicia = 5th Place
  6. Asaf and Francesca = 6th Place
  7. Hayden and Carolina = 7th Place
  8. Giovanni and Francesca = 8th Place
  9. Nate and Ellie = 9th Place
  10. Derrick and Casandra = 10th Place

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