Battle of the Bloodlines

If there is a ? Behind there name it means idk their last name.

Casting Originally

Casting Originally

Alum Bloodline
Johnny Devenanzio Hannah Teter
KellyAnne Judd Lee Asher or Elena Judd
Emilee Fitzpatrick Becca Alice
Emily Schromm Amy Schromm
Dustin Zito Josh ? or Victoria Zito
Nany González Ileana Gonzalez
Naomi Defensor Yelitza ?
Priscilla Mendez Essence Mendez
Zach Nichols Daniel Nichols
LaToya Jackson Kimberly Jackson
Marie Roda Kristie Roda or Victoria Roda
Averey Tressler Jenna Tressler
Johnny Reilly Matthew Reilly
Nia Moore Makeba Moore
Cory Wharton Ashud Moore
Madison Walls Rachel ?
Sylvia Elsrode Tommy Elsrode
Bruno Bettencourt Briah Bettencourt
Shanley McIntee Aiden McIntee
Chris Tamburello Faith Brown
Violetta Milerman Irena ?

Rivals III

Male Partner Female Partner
Jordan Wiseley Nia Moore
Bruno Bettencourt Sylvia Elsrode
Dustin Zito Heather Cooke
Tony Raines Violetta Milerman
Marlon Williams Unknown
Cast Members
Jordan Wiseley
Nia Moore
Derrick Kosinski
Sam McGinn
Dylan Moore
Emilee Fitzpatrick
Dione Mariani
Jenna Thomason

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