Elimination chart=

Episode Gender Challenge winners Jungle contestants Jungle game Jungle outcome
# Challenge Won $1,000 Safe from Jungle Last-place finisher Voted for the Jungle Winning team Eliminated
Game of Inches Male Nany and Camila Dean and Dylan Tony and Bruno Theo and Robbie Last Chance Theo and Robbie Tony and Bruno
2 XXX Games Female Leroy and Banaas Nany and Camila Jenna an Cara Maria & Cooke Hanging by a Thread Cara Maria & Cooke Anastasia & Jessica
3Template:Efn Mind Over Splatter Male Emily & Paula Frank & Johnny Knight & Preston Derek & Robb Snapper Knight & Preston Derek & Robb
4 Stumped Female Jordan & Marlon Emily & Paula Jasmine & Theresa Cara Maria & Cooke Who Can Take It? colspan=4 Template:N/aTemplate:Efn
5 Frog Smash Male Jasmine & Theresa CT & Wes Trey & Zach Leroy & Ty Breaking on Through Leroy & Ty Trey & ZachTemplate:Efn
6 Frenemies Female Leroy & Ty Emily & Paula Camila & Jemmye Jasmine & Theresa Catch-22 Camila & Jemmye Jasmine & Theresa
7 Blind Leading the Blind Male Aneesa & Diem Frank & Johnny Leroy & Ty Jordan & Marlon Last Chance Jordan & Marlon Leroy & Ty
8 Swingers Female CT & Wes Camila & Jemmye Cara Maria & Cooke Jonna & Nany Snapper Cara Maria & Cooke Jonna & Nany
9 Rampage Male Emily & Paula CT & Wes Knight & Preston Jordan & Marlon Breaking on Through Jordan & Marlon Knight & Preston
10/11 Color Correction Female colspan=2 Template:N/aTemplate:Efn Cara Maria & Cooke Aneesa & Diem Camila & Jemmye Hanging by a Thread Camila & Jemmye Aneesa & Diem
11/12 Dream Island Third-place Guys: Jordan & Marlon; Third-place Girls: Camila & Jemmye
Nightmare Island CT & Wes Second-place Guys: Frank & Johnny
Emily & Paula Second-place Girls: Cara Maria & Cooke

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