Old School

  • Abram Boise (RR: South Pacific)
  • Brad Fiorenza (RW: San Diego)
  • Brianna Taylor (RW: Hollywood)
  • Chris "C.T." Tamburello (RW: Paris)
  • Cohutta Grindstaff (RW: Sydney)
  • Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl)
  • Evelyn Smith (Fresh Meat)
  • Janelle Cassanave (RW: Key West)
  • Jenn Grijalva (RW: Denver)
  • Landon Luek (RW: Philadelphia)
  • Mark Long (RR: USA - First Adventure)
  • Paula Beckert (RW: Key West)
  • Rachel Robinson (RR: Campus Crawl)
  • Susie Miester (RR: Down Under)
  • Tyler Duckworth (RW: Key West)
  • Veronica Portillo (RR: Semester at Sea)

New School

  • Brittany Baldassari (AYTO: Season 1)
  • Christina LeBlanc (AYTO: Season 2)
  • Connor Smith (AYTO: Season 3)
  • Dylan Moore (RW: Go Big or Go Home)
  • Jamie Banks (Battle of the Bloodlines)
  • Jason Hill (RW: Skeletons)
  • Jenna Compono (RW: Ex-Plosion)
  • Jessica McCain (RW: Portland)
  • Johnny Rielly (RW: Portland)
  • Kimberly Johansson (RW Seattle: Bad Blood)
  • LaToya Jackson (RW: St. Thomas)
  • Mitch Ried (Battle of the Bloodlines)
  • Nany Gonzalez (RW: Las Vegas 2)
  • Nelson Thomas (AYTO: Season 3)
  • Raphy Medrano (Battle of the Bloodlines)
  • Tori Deal (AYTO: Season 4)


This season of The Challenge will feature a team of "Old School" cast memebers (competitors who made their debut before The Real World: Brooklyn) and "New School" cast members (competitors who made their debut after The Real World: Cancun). Each team will compete in numerous challenges followed by elimination rounds known as the "Temple". Each team will have a male and female captain. The winning team of the challenge would earn $10,000 to their team bank accounts. The winning captains will earn the Safety Idol and will be immune from going into the Temple. The winning captains will also choose two player (male and female) to go against the losing captains. 

In the Temple, the four competitors will compete in an elimination round. The winners of the elimination will return to their team and still have a chance at winning the money, while the losers will have to go home emptyhanded. If a team captain loses the elimination, then they would choose who from their team will be their replacement.

In the final challenge, the remainder of the two teams will race to add $250,000 to their team bank accounts. The winning team will earn the $250k, while the losing team are left from what they earned from challenges.

Game summary

Episode Challenge Winners Temple Selections Temple Game Temple outcome
# Challenge Winning Team Winning Captains Losing Captains Temple Picks Winner Loser
1 On the Fence Old Shool Landon Jason CT Temple Run CT Jason
Jenn LaToya Susie LaToya Susie
2 Bed Head New School Jamie Landon Raphy Die Hard Landon Raphy
LaToya Jenn Kimberly Jenn Kimberly
3* Meet Me Halfway New School Jamie Landon Mitch Squaring Off Landon Mitch
LaToya Jenn Jessica Jenn Jessica
4 Wrap and Roll New School Jamie Landon Dylan Back Off Landon Dylan
LaToya Jenn Nany Nany Jenn
5 Man Overboard Old School Landon Jamie Tyler Ram It Home Jamie Tyler
Paula LaToya Evelyn Evelyn LaToya
6 Over The Edge New School Jamie Landon Connor Force Field Connor Landon
Nany Paula Christina Paula Christina
7 Screwed Over Old School Abram Jamie Mark Reverse Jamie Mark
Paula Nany Veronica Nany Veronica
8 Water Bound New School Jamie Abram Connor Shoots & Ladders Abram Connor
Nany Paula Brittany Brittany Paula
9 Rats in a Cage Old School Janelle Nany Brianna Weight On Me Nany Brianna
Abram Jamie Cohutta Cohutta Jamie
10 All Connected New School Johnny Abram Nelson Rag Doll Abram Nelson
Nany Janelle Jenna Janelle Jenna
11/12 Final Challenge Old School

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