---Battle of the Seasons 3---

---Team Las Vegas 3---

Ceejai Jenkins

Kailah Casillas

Dean Bart-Plange

Dione Mariani

---Team Bloodlines---

Brianna Julig

Emily Reese

Mike Boise

Mitch Reid

---Team Fresh Meat---

Theresa Gonzalez

Carley Johnson

Brandon Nelson

Kenny Santucki

---Team Skeletons---

Tony Raines

Jason Hill

Nicole Zanatta

Sylvia Elsrode

---Team Explosion---

Ashley Mitchell

Hailey Chivers

Cory Wharton

Brian Williams Jr

---Team Portland---

Averey Tressler

Joi Niemeyer

Marlon Williams

Jordan Wiseley

---Team Are You The One---

Christina Leblanc

Brittany Baldassari

Dario Medrano

Devin Walker

---Team Key West---

Johnny Bananas

Tyler Duckworth

Paula Meronek

Svetlana Shusterman

---Team Sydney---

Cohutta Grindstaff

KellyAnne Judd

Dunbar Merrill

Shauvon Torress

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