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All spoiler credit goes to PinkRose and other users at Vevmo.

Location: Krabi, Thailand

Theme: A new individual format. For the first challenge the last place players were sent into elimination as well as players voted in by the house. Whoever wins an elimination is safe from the next one (this changes throughout the season). After the second challenge the winners of the challenge vote a male/female player into elimination and the house votes the other players in. Champions joined the competition after the second elimination.


Male contestants
Player Finish
Chris Tamburello Winner
Nelson Thomas Runner-Up
Cory Wharton Third Place
Darrell Taylor Eliminated
Shane Landrum Eliminated
Hunter Barfield Eliminated
Johnny Devenanzio Eliminated
Dario Medrano Eliminated
Zach Nichols Eliminated
Tony Raines Eliminated
Anthony Bartolotte Eliminated
Theo Bradley Eliminated
Bruno Bettencourt Eliminated
Female contestants
Player Finish
Ashley Mitchell Winner
Camila Nakagawa Runner-Up
Nicole Zanatta Third Place
Laurel Stucky Eliminated
Amanda Garcia Eliminated
Jenna Compono Eliminated
Cara Maria Sorbello Eliminated
Sylvia Elsrode Eliminated
Ashley Kelsey Eliminated
Kailah Casillas Eliminated
LaToya Jackson Eliminated
Anika Rashaun Eliminated
Marie Roda Eliminated

NOTE: Bananas' and Shane's placements are interchangeable.

NOTE: Dylan and Emilee were both cast on this season as alternates and flown to Thailand with the starting cast due to the high numbers of DQ's/quitters last season. However they were eventually sent home due to being unused. Derrick and Sam were alternates for the champions.

Season Rumors


  • Anthony and Marie
  • Ashley K. and Dario
  • Cory and Kailah
  • LaToya and Nelson
  • Laurel and Nicole
  • Nelson and Sylvia

Elimination Matchups

  • Marie eliminated by Kailah
  • Bruno eliminated by Tony
  • Anika eliminated by Jenna
  • Theo eliminated by Cory
  • LaToya eliminated by Sylvia
  • Anthony eliminated by Nelson
  • Kailah eliminated by Sylvia
  • Tony eliminated by Shane
  • Sylvia eliminated by Jenna
  • Dario eliminated by Nelson
  • Cara Maria eliminated by Laurel
  • Bananas eliminated by Darrell
  • Jenna eliminated by production for not completing a challenge


  • Cara Maria and Laurel aren't on good terms again. Cara came into the game with a plan to take out Laurel.
  • Amanda and Camila still don't like each other. Amanda put her hands on Camila again this season.
  • Shane apparently didn't get along with Cara Maria or Kailah (mostly Cara).
  • Marie and Anika came in last place for the first and second challengers, thus causing them to go into elimination.
  • Both times Kailah was sent into elimination was due to the fact that she was paranoid and went off on people, thus putting a target on her back.
  • Jenna and Kailah were the outcast challenger girls, resulting in them being voted into the first two eliminations. It is also believed that they had an alliance together due to this. Cory and Tony had targets on their backs as well.

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