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This season of The Challenge will pit 16 modern Real Worlders against 16 of the most well-known Are you the One? cast members. Each week the two teams will face each other in the challenge. The team that wins will earn a $20,000 in their bank account to split evenly amongst their players. Both teams will also vote in a male and female member of their team to compete against enemy players in The Shrine. Players that are victorious in The Shrine are able to return to their teams with the chance of earning money in the end. Eliminated players walk away with nothing. Players that survive until the final challenge of the season, The Showdown, are able to compete for an additional $150,000 added into their team's bank account. Second place team walks away with nothing but the money that has already been earned from challenges.


Real World
Player Original season Finish
Averey Tressler Portland Winners
Dylan Moore Go Big or Go Home
Jason Hill Skeletons
Kailah Casillas Go Big or Go Home
Leroy Garrett Las Vegas (2011)
Marie Roda St. Thomas
Tony Raines Skeletons
Nicole Zanatta Skeletons Episode 10
Ashley Mitchell Ex-Plosion Episode 9/10
Katrina Stack Seattle: Bad Blood Episode 8
Cory Wharton Ex-Plosion Episode 6
Jamie Larson Ex-Plosion Episode 5
Cohutta Grindstaff Sydney
Mike Crescenzo Seattle: Bad Blood Episode 3
Jordan Anderson Seattle: Bad Blood Episode 1
Robbie Padovano Seattle: Bad Blood
Are You the One?
Player Original season Finish
Adam Kuhn Season 1 Runners-Up
Amanda Garcia Season 3
Devin Walker Season 3
Shanley McIntee Season 1
Tori Deal Season 4
Nelson Thomas Season 3 Episode 10
Dario Medrano Season 2 Episode 9/10
Tyler Pratt Season 2 Episode 8
Rashida Beach Season 3 Episode 7
Derrick Henry Season 5
Briana LaCuesta Season 2 Episode 6
Morgan St. Pierre Season 4 Episode 4
Jessica Andreatta Season 2
Alicia Wright Season 5 Episode 3
Giovanni Rivera Season 4 Episode 2
Kaylen Zahara Season 4

Game summary

Episode Winners Shrine players Shrine game Shrine outcome
# Challenge RW AYTO Winner Loser
1 Grave Robber Real World Robbie Pratt Handcuffs Pratt Robbie
Jordan Alicia Alicia Jordan
2 Ripcord Real World Katrina Kaylen Pole Me Over Katrina Kaylen
Jason Giovanni Jason Giovanni
3 Oil and Water Are You the One? Mike Derrick Ball Brawl Derrick Mike
Nicole Alicia Nicole Alicia
4 Pushing Daisies Real World Kailah Jessica Looper Kailah Jessica
Dylan Morgan Dylan Morgan
5 Assembly Required Are You the One? Cohutta Adam Ram It Home Adam Cohutta
Jamie Tori Tori Jamie
6 Balancing Act Are You the One? Marie Briana Name That Idol Marie Briana
Cory Devin Devin Cory
7 Firestarter Real World Leroy Derrick In the Trenches Leroy Derrick
Averey Rashida Averey Rashida
8 Mental Connection Are You the One? Katrina Shanley The Elevator Shanley Katrina
Tony Pratt Tony Pratt
9/10 Freeze Up Real World Jason Dario Inside Out Jason Dario
Ashley Amanda Amanda Ashley
10 Rope Burn Are You the One? Nicole Tori Puzzle Pyramid Tori Nicole
Dylan Nelson Dylan Nelson
11/12 The Showdown Real World Runner ups: Are You the One?