The debate has raged on since their induction during Battle of the Exes II: which show is better? The conflict will reach it’s height as now, 16 Real World and 16 Are You the One? cast members will be pit against each other in hopes to prove they’re the better show. In a completely new format, the cast will be split into two teams based on their show of origin. The two teams then compete in that day’s challenge, or “mission”. The winning team of the challenge earns immunity from elimination, and are given the choice of one guy and one girl from the losing team to go into the elimination, called "The Clash”. The losing team will then vote in another guy/girl pair to send in to elimination round. In The Clash, the winner’s picks and the pair voted in battle (as pairs) to maintain their spot in the game. The winners remain, and the losers go home empty handed. At the final challenge, a total of $750,000 is up for grabs, the winning team splits $500,000, while the second place team splits $250,000. This season, the age old question will finally be answered — which show rules over all?


Team Real World
PlayerOriginal seasonFinish
Averey Tressler RW: Portland Winners
Jordan Wiseley RW: Portland
Nany González RW: Las Vegas 2
Wes Bergmann RW: Austin
Dylan Moore RW: GBOGH Episode 11
Aneesa Ferreira RW: Chicago
Robb Schreiber RW: St. Thomas Episode 9
CeeJai Jenkins RW: GBOGH
Johnny Devenanzio RW: Key West Episode 8
KellyAnne Judd RW: Sydney
Jason Hill RW: Skeletons Episode 7
Marie Roda RW: St. Thomas
Robbie Padovano RW: Bad Blood Episode 4
Ashley Kelsey RW: San Diego 2
Thomas Buell RW: Ex-Plosion Episode 3
Kailah Casillas RW: GBOGH
Team Are You The One?
PlayerOriginal seasonFinish
Asaf Goren AYTO? 4 Runner-Ups
Britni Thornton AYTO? 3
Connor Smith AYTO? 3
Hunter Barfield AYTO? 3
Shanley McIntee AYTO? 1
Tori Deal AYTO? 4
Michael Halpern AYTO? 5 Episode 10
Alicia Wright AYTO? 5
Mike Cerasani AYTO? 5 Episode 6
Brittany Baldassari AYTO? 1
Devin Walker AYTO? 3 Episode 5
Carolina Duarte AYTO? 5
Chuck Mowery AYTO? 3 Episode 2
Kam Williams AYTO? 5
Giovanni Rivera AYTO? 4 Episode 1
Amanda Garcia AYTO? 3

Game Summary

Elimination Chart

Episode Challenge winners Clash participants Clash game Winning pair Losing pair
# Challenge Winners' pick Voted in
1 Shut Up and Drive Team Real World Michael & Carolina Gio & Amanda Hung Up Michael & Carolina Gio &
2 Gold Rush Team Real World Connor & Alicia Chuck & Kam Electric Slide Connor & Alicia Chuck &
3 Perfect Match Team AYTO? Bananas & Marie Thomas & Kailah Figure 8 Bananas & Marie Thomas & Kailah
4 Opposite Day Team AYTO? Wes &
Robbie & Ashley Back and Forth Wes &
Robbie & Ashley
5 Carry On Team Real World Devin & Carolina Connor & Tori Over It Connor &
Devin & Carolina
6 Use Your Words Team Real World Hunter & Shanley Mike & Brittany Use Your Head Hunter & Shanley Mike &
7 Fact Checker Team AYTO? Jordan &
Jason & Marie Throwback Jordan &
Jason &
8 Lending Hand Team AYTO? Bananas &
Dylan & Averey Simmotion Dylan &
Bananas & KellyAnne
9 Thread the Needle Team AYTO? Robb &
Wes & Aneesa Dead Man Walking Wes &
Robb &
10 Sugar Rush Team Real World Michael &
Hunter & Britni Steeplechase Hunter &
Michael &
11 Pick Up the Pace Team AYTO? Wes &
Dylan & Aneesa Kicked Out Wes &
Dylan &
12 Final Challenge Team Real World Second Place: Team AYTO?