Player Original season Finish
Ashley Mitchell RW: Ex-Plosion Runner-ups
Darrell Taylor RR: Campus Crawl
Jordan Wiseley RW: Portland
Cara Maria Sorbello Fresh Meat II Episode 10
Ashley Kelsey RW: San Diego (2011) Episode 9
Wes Bergmann RW: Austin
Derrick Kosinski RR: X-Treme Episode 8
Johnny Devenanzio RW: Key West Episode 6
Camila Nakagawa Spring Break Challenge Episode 5
Zach Nichols RW: San Diego (2011)
Veronica Portillo RR: Semester at Sea Episode 3
Jamie Banks Battle of the Bloodlines Episode 2
Laurel Stucky Fresh Meat II
Sam McGinn RW: San Diego (2011) Episode 1
Player Original season Finish
Kailah Casillas RW: Go Big or Go Home Winners
Nicole Ramos Battle of the Bloodlines
Robbie Padovano RW Seattle: Bad Blood
Tony Raines RW: Skeletons
Tori Deal AYTO? 4
Chuck Mowery AYTO? 3 Episode 10
Heather Cooke RW: Las Vegas (2011) Episode 8
Britni Thornton AYTO? 3 Episode 7
Dylan Moore RW: Go Big or Go Home
Jenna Compono RW: Ex-Plosion Episode 6
Hunter Barfield AYTO? 3 Episode 4/5
Jordan Anderson RW Seattle: Bad Blood
Cory Wharton RW: Ex-Plosion Episode 3
Leroy Garrett RW: Las Vegas (2011) Episode 1

Game Summary

Episode Challenge Winners Nominees for the Ruins The Ruins Game The Ruins Outcome
# Challenge Champions Challengers Winner Loser
1 Roll With the Punches Challengers Derrick Jamie Jordan Cory Dylan Leroy Pull Me Through Jamie Leroy
Cara Maria Sam Veronica Jenna Jordan A. Nicole Jordan A. Sam
2 Laps of Judgement Champions Darrell Jamie Wes Chuck Hunter Robbie Inside Out Cooke Laurel
Ashley M. Camila Laurel Cooke Jenna Tori Robbie Jamie
3 Meet Me Halfway Champions Bananas Jordan Wes Cory Dylan Tony Untango Bananas Cory
Ashley K. Camila Veronica Jenna Kailah Nicole Nicole Veronica
4/5 Road To Nowhere Challengers Darrell Jordan W. Zach Dylan Hunter Robbie Lights Out Ashley K. Jordan A.
Ashley K. Ashley M. Camila Jordan A. Kailah Tori Darrell Hunter
5 All Wrapped Up Challengers Bananas Derrick Zach Chuck Dylan Tony
Ashley K. Camila Cara Maria Britni Cooke Nicole
6 Champions

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